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There is an art to Merger and Acquisition that goes way beyond the technical aspects of joining two companies. Every company has a unique culture. Every company has unique competitive advantages and disadvantages. The true friut of a skillful merger or acquisition is that the resulting entity is greater than just the sum of the individual parts.


The key drivers to the structure of a merger or aquisition is ultimate control and taxation. Our understanding of the complexities of the tax code, our experience with business formation and structure and our ability to access talent and obtain "buy-in" make us the perfect party to assist you in this process.

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Need Valuations?

Our sister company,

It's More Than Just Numbers,

can assist you in determing the value of a merger or aquisition.


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We have experience with up-stream, down-stream and straight mergers in public, private and regulated environments. We also have experience with both friendly and hotile acquisitions.


By involving our expertise early on in the process you will be ensured an easier process. Make sure your next merger or acquisition creates more value than the sum of the two entities.

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